We are going big, and growing daily, committed to spanning the globe.

You Are Covered

Not only is our coverage exponentially growing, but it is also updated regularly to stay current. Our Coverage Map shows both existing and planned coverage. Keep up to date with our coverage by following the link below.


15 CM

Urban Coverage Area

Our imagery is captured at 15 cm with high positional accuracy. This level of accuracy allows you to do a great deal of the leg work without having to set foot on the ground. On top of that, you can take measurements directly from the imagery in order to assess and evaluate areas for various applications.

*Remote areas are captured at 30 cm.

Imagery Capture That is Seamless

All imagery is acquired as full states within one season to assure high fidelity, consistent information.

Planned Refresh Cycles

One simple subscription.
Unlimited multispectral and basemap imagery.

Enriching your maps with high-quality aerial imagery via the cloud is within your reach. Annual subscriptions are available for less than the traditional cost to capture one small area.


Strikingly Accurate Basemaps From Advanced Airborne Sensors

Captured with the industry’s most advanced aerial sensors from Leica Geosystems.