Reliable, Professional-Grade Imagery Delivered via the Cloud

Not All Imagery is Created Equal

Quality relies on more than just ground sample distance. Creating valuable imagery requires a specialized combination of precise details.

Creating Seamless Imagery

In order to avoid a patchwork quilt of awkwardly juxtaposed imagery, we make sure to acquire full states within one acquisition season. That standard makes our imagery reliable and consistent.

More Than Just RGB

HxIP images are captured in 4 bands of color – classic RGB plus near infrared – for rich image analysis and exploitation activities such as change detection, vegetation analysis, impervious surface detection, corridor encroachment, and other mapping and remote sensing applications.

Post- Processing Makes the Difference

Assuring the quality of HxIP imagery is not left to automated post-processing. A trained team of photogrammetry experts utilizes rigorous methods to assess each image for elements such as tone, balance, and image mismatch.

Planned Refresh Cycles

Professional imagery should provide consistent information over time. We acquire our imagery at regularly scheduled intervals so you can always be confident in the quality of your data.

One simple subscription.
Unlimited multispectral and basemap imagery.

Enriching your maps with high-quality aerial imagery via the cloud is within your reach. Annual subscriptions are available for less than the traditional cost to capture one small area.


Oil & Gas Exploration

High resolution aerial imagery is vital to Talisman Energy. Learn how HxIP’s multispectral ortho imagery simplifies workflows and adds confidence to the way the firm conducts site suitability and least cost path analyses, right of way route determinations, and other common operations.


Strikingly Accurate Basemaps From Advanced Airborne Sensors

Captured with the industry’s most advanced aerial sensors from Leica Geosystems.