Oil & Gas Exploration

Talisman Energy Makes Extensive Use of High Resolution Aerial Imagery

In today’s fast-paced and economically stringent upstream oil and gas industry, easy access to current and accurate data is vital. Talisman Energy has been using high resolution aerial imagery for several years and simply couldn’t do their work without it anymore.

In particular, their geological and geophysical techs and GIS technologists make extensive use of the data to help make critical business decisions.

Talisman employs the imagery for a wide variety of mapping and analyses. From project planning and field development, to day-to-day operations, emergency preparedness and reclamation, the data is used throughout the lifecycle of the projects.

Prime examples are site suitability analyses and right-of-way route determinations. As staple GIS processes, site suitability and least cost path analyses are only valid if the data used in them is current and accurate. Orthophoto imagery is an important input in those types of studies.

Emergency preparedness is aided by using current imagery to identify resident locations and egress routes in the company’s operating areas. The use of aerial imagery allows Talisman to conduct a great deal of work in the office rather than in the field, as was the previous practice.

Not only does this approach save a substantial amount of time and money, but it also reduces the need for employees and contractors to conduct potentially dangerous field work. Identification of hazards for employees, the public and the environment assist Talisman in operating in a safe and responsible manner.

The multispectral imagery allows Talisman to conduct land cover classifications to further help identify suitable project locations and, more importantly, unsuitable or dangerous locations.

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