Creating Quality Imagery

Hardware Matters

We are committed to leveraging industry leading technologies such as Leica Geosystems’ innovative airborne sensors which have helped us to raise the bar.

More Than Just RGB

Full multispectral color swath width of 20,000 pixels in RGBN allows for the highest data aquisition efficiency. More flexible stereo interpretation is made possible by full color RGBN in forward, backward, and nadir.

Preserving Quality Color Information

Color integrity is important to producing rich informative imagery that adheres to HxIP standards. With the Leica Geosystems’ telecentric lens design, we are able to produce the highest range of spectral information possible in all sensor-recorded data.

Conventional Optics Design

Vertical incidence of all ray bundles
on the optical axis

Narrow band interference
filters cannot be used

Leica Geosystems Optics Design

Vertical incidence of all ray bundles

Narrow band interference
filters can be used

One simple subscription.
Unlimited multispectral and basemap imagery.

Enriching your maps with high-quality aerial imagery via the cloud is within your reach. Annual subscriptions are available for less than the traditional cost to capture one small area.


Natural Resource Agency

Ontario’s Enhanced Forest Resources Inventory depends on complete inventory assessments and GIS layer updates to make sound natural resource decisions. To meet increasing demands, Ontario’s FRI turns to HxIP for up-to-date, high resolution, digital airborne imagery.